If you are searching for a Siamese kitten, you have found the right place!! 

  We have no kittens at this time and are currently plannig for a litter to be ready to go in the late fall of 2022. We would be happy to add your name to our waiting list and let you know when kittens become available. We are hoping for another litter  in the early part of  2023 also.   We try our best to place kittens as requested for color point and /or sex.  Our kittens have wonderful personalities, are healthy and  well socialized.  Please email Carolannks@gmail.com for more information. (updated 7-1-22)

Raised by Carolann Slayton

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In 2009 we brought home our first Siamese kitten, Phoebe. We are now breeding  Siamese   kittens in a very caring and loving atmosphere. Our kittens are traditional /classic in body type. We breed for temperament and good health.  Our kittens are exceptional! 
We have been able to  provide quality Siamese kittens who have been examined by our Veterinarian, Peiper Veterinary Hospital in Middletown, Connecticut. At about 8 weeks of age they are vaccinated and issued a Health Record.

We breed for temperament and  good health, and our kittens are traditional /classic in body type. Whenever we plan to add a new kitten to our household we bring it first to Peiper Veterinary Hospital to be tested for feline leukemia before we bring it  into our home, this way we know that all of our adults are feline leukemia negative.  
All of our cats are well taken care of and live in a friendly family environment. Our kittens are loved and cared for from their birth. We also handle and play with our kittens daily to help them make easy transitions for new owners. We feed Royal Canin canned and dry food and use clumping litter.

We are located in central Connecticut with easy access from both the Parkway and Interstate Highway 91. We do not ship kittens.